Prevent Moving House Mayhem!

With one of the most action packed August auctions weekends just gone with close to 1000 homes going under the hammer, this week we thought we would have a look at some moving house hints and tips you can use to make things go a little more smoothly during this major life event.

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things in life, it takes weeks out of your normal life to get packed and unpacked let alone the time it takes to find the new place and get everything in place. So making it as easy as possible is really important.

Planning your move makes a huge difference to how easy or difficult it turns out to be. So here are some tips to make moving home that much easier.

1. Labeling the boxes with their contents and which room they are from is a fairly obvious step but an additional step you can take is to prioritise the boxes that you’re packing. This can make unpacking a great deal easier because you can tell which ones need to be unpacked first and which could wait.

2. Have plenty of packing tape, scissors or pocket knives for cutting the tape and small sized paper for labels on hand. You can pick up packing tape and other items form any one of our Fort Knox Storage Centres or arrange for click and collect online here). When using the tape, make sure you fold over the ends of the packing tape so you can quickly use the tape again. Stopping it from sticking together and taking you ages to find the end and pick it free…

3. Bed and shower are probably the two most important things that you will want to get sorted once in your new home, so be sure that you have all your bedding and bathroom accessories, towels, soap, shampoo etc, packed in an easy to reach spot. Nothing like being able to have a nice hot shower in your new place after a day of moving. A good idea is to keep this stuff separate, possibly even in the car rather than in the removalist van.

4. Keeping some basic kitchen utensils free for the first few nights(when you will most likely be dining on take away) is also a good idea. Eating with normal cutlery at least will give you a feeling that you are at least somewhat on your way to being fully unpacked. Having an esky packed with ice is also a good idea if you want to keep cold milk for your tea, coffee or breakfast and will make sure you have some cold refreshments on hand for those that are pitching in and helping with you moving house.

Remember, moving house takes quite a bit of time to settle into a new place, around 4-6 weeks, so be patient and give yourself time and the patience to unpack everything and settle in properly. There’s no need to put the pressure on, you’ve got all the time in the world to make your new home yours.

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