Post Christmas Declutter?

It happens every year over the Christmas period, Santa travelling by sleigh, big red Santa’s Sack draped over his shoulder, pops by for a visit on Christmas morning and brings presents for all the family.

Santa in the sky

The exciting new presents often vastly outshine the old toys or the box under the Christmas tree might be an upgrade for a previous item that might be a bit behind the times. The next question is what do you do with these things? The old golf clubs, the last season My Little Ponies or whatever the hot toy of the year was… do you throw them out? Hang onto them to hand down to the next generation or keep them to sell? If your answer is either of the last 2 then a good idea to keep the things you wish to hold onto, but don’t necessarily want them around cluttering up the house, is to put them into self storage.

Christmas tree with Presents

Hiring a self-storage unit for a bunch of old toys and items that have outlived their usefulness might seem a bit excessive, but it might also open up the opportunity to really do some home self-assessment and do some de-cluttering around your home. If your tastes have changed and there are things around the home that you have had enough of perhaps your storage areas are completely full and you want to clear out some space and make room for the things you are more likely to use, whatever the reason, self storage could be the answer you’re looking for.

Fort Knox Vermont

So if you are thinking that self storage may be the way forward for you post this Christmas Holiday period, give one of or self storage experts a call on 1300 668 638, email us at [email protected] or visit our website for further details.

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