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Given the changing weather patterns that we as a country experience, it’s no surprise that some council municipalities are calling ‘fire season’ a couple of weeks early. With the potential for a hot summer on the horizon Mooroondah CFA called a start to the official fire danger period two weeks earlier than expected.

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Bushfire Storage for storing valuable goods and precious family items during bushfire season. We were recently at CFA Warrandyte’s Bushfire Expo, in the heart of Warrandyte, where we set up an information desk with current information about Fort Knox’s fire protection storage and The CFA was on hand to answer any questions the public had in regards to fire safety and preparing for the upcoming hot weather over the summer period.

Fire Season Map of Australia

The following is an abridged excerpt from the Maroondah Leader Newspaper.

“With the bushfire season starting on December 8, families are hiring lockers at businesses like Fort Knox Self Storage, Ringwood to store items such as photos, heirlooms and important paperwork. Fort Knox operations manager Joanna Wilson said it was the busiest time of the year. Ms Wilson said the requests from “fire storers” had ramped up during the past four weeks. She said the business offered 1sq m lockers, ideal for people wanting to store items for a short period. “They like to know their things are safe,” she said. People book storage areas for about three to four months, she said. Ms Wilson said Fort Knox worked with the CFA, letting them know what was available and had donated spaces to fire-affected families.”

Diamond Creek CFA members using a hose from a fire truck

So, if you live in a fire risk area, give some consideration to Fort Knox for fire protection storage. Our premises are all outside fire zones and can give you the peace of mind that your valuables with be safe and secure over the hotter months, when fire hazards are at their peak. Our Ringwood, Scoresby and Eltham sites specialise in bushfire season storage. Call us today on 1300 668 638 to discuss a bushfire protection storage solution for your precious items.

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