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Looking for storage tips? We’ve got your storage tips right here!

Storage tips can be very handy when it comes to moving into storage. Planning ahead can save you a great deal of time, money and even more importantly – stress!

Whether you are moving house, clearing out the clutter to free up some extra space around the home or just need extra security for those precious items, putting a bit of time into organising your move into storage pays dividends. Unsure of what size storage unit you may need – check out Fort Knox’s easy to use Space Calculator.

Picture of Fort Knox's new Little and Big Box

Boxing Clever – Fort Knox’s new Big and Little Boxes.


I’s a good idea to plan your self storage space carefully. Allowing a few minutes to think about what you are going to store and whether or not you are going to need access to some items over others can help. For example: Boxes containing important documents or tools that you may need for repairs around the home are better packed at the front of your unit. Bigger items should be stored at the rear of the unit as they are less likely to be needed. See also our ‘What Not To Store‘ page to see about what we don’t allow to be stored at our facilities.

Good storing vs. bad storing.

couple of examples – well packed storage unit vs. poorly packed unit.

Protecting your items is a cruicial part of storing. There’s not much point in paying to store things and then not look after them. Place protection on concrete floors for mattresses, soft furnishings and timber furniture, use all space available – especially height. Try to store longer items (such as mattresses, beds and tabletops) along the walls – this provides these items protection and generally allows for more items to be packed into the unit.


Wrap mirrors and fragile pictures with bubble wrap or use special mirror boxes – and never store these items flat! Always place mirrors in an upright position and protect them by securing them between softer items such as mattresses or bed-bases for extra protection. Need protection? Check out our great range of boxes and handy packaging supplies.

Packaging Centre - Upgrade Sneak Peek

A sneak peek at Fort Knox’s soon to be upgraded Packaging Centre

If you need any more information on getting ready for storage or if you have any other self storage related enquiry, please call us on 1300 668 638 or email us on – we’d love to hear from you! Were also like hanging out on FacebookTwitter and Instagram – come and find us!