Considering a Self Storage Space? We Can Help!

Have you finally had enough of clutter around your home? Years of unused Christmas, presents taking up precious space around the house that could be better used? Is your garage full to the brim of stuff and no room for the car? Are you renovating and need to clear out some space at home? There are many reasons why it could be time to consider Self Storage.

If it’s your first time, many thoughts and questions will probably pop into your head. Common questions like – How much storage space will I need? Are there contracts? Will I be able to leave when I want to? What if I need more storage space than I first thought?

As mentioned, one of the 1st questions always seems to be – How much storage space will I actually need. To help with this, a great feature on our website is our Storage Space Calculator. Simple to use and a great help when trying to work out how much space you will need. We have found that around 90% of our customers actually require a smaller household storage unit than they think.

If the Storage Space Calculator isn’t for you and you would prefer to speak to someone personally, you can either speak to one of our Storage Experts on 1300 668 638 or come and visit us at any of our 8 great locations around Melbourne, where again any of our onsite Storage Experts would be more than happy to help you.

If you would prefer to do a bit more research yourself, Fort Knox have a list of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) (You can find the our FAQ page here. It should help to answer many of the questions you may have when looking for the right storage space.

Come down and visit us at Fort Knox, we’d love to see you.

Good luck and hopefully we’ll see you at Fort Knox when you decide it’s time for Self Storage! We are also on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. You can drop by and say hello there too!

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