24 Horses. One Melbourne Cup.

24 Horses. One Melbourne Cup. Written by Corey Osmond of Fort Knox’s Management Team.

So, that time of year has come around again, seemingly even quicker than usual , when Melbourne and the rest of Australia get to bathe in the awesomeness that is The Melbourne Cup: The Race That Stops A NationTM . The one race which has the uncanny ability to keep us all completely captivated for roughly 3 minutes and 20 seconds, no matter where we are or what we are doing. (Life saving surgery probably one exception.)

Surgens hard at work - 24 Horses. One Melbourne Cup.

The odds for the favourites have been creeping onto our radios and TVs over the last couple of weeks, with ‘bet matching’ and ‘money back’ offers from the online punting companies, the equivalent of wining and dining for our wallets, romancing them so on the day they will be ready and willing to put out.

With just under a week to go, Melbourne is starting to get a real buzz about it, almost electric. As rumors of celebrities and big exclusive parties start to circulate, everyone who’s anyone, starts fretting about where they are going to be on the big day, and more importantly, what they are going to wear (some items may even need to be taken out of storage!)

Snoop D.O. Double G getting acquainted with some of the females of the species at The Cup.

Fingers are crossed too, so that history doesn’t repeat itself (rain, wind, mud and no fun) for The Melbourne Cup and the sun decides to come out and play for the day. Which will mean that the men can keep their arm curls (sponsored by Crown Lager) from being interrupted by the weather and the girls can make the most of their facinators and can hopefully manage to keep their high heels on until the last race.  Although who I am kidding with that one.

To wrap it up, we here at Fort Knox are looking forward to that first Tuesday of November, made all the sweeter for the fact we get a public holiday for a horse race. We hope that where ever you end up for Melbourne Cup, be it at Flemington Racecourse or the Flemington Pub, keep yourself classy and have a great day on the punt! And drop by our Facebook page to ‘LIKE’ us and follow us on our Twitter page. Or don’t.

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