Love Is…A Shared Self Storage Unit

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a shared self storage unit!

A common issue with many couples is that when they take that next big step in their relationship – the move in – the potential for doubling up on furniture, white goods and other incidental items becomes a highly likely scenario.


If the romance is heating up and things are moving along quickly, (not that there’s anything wrong with that) time can often run out or put added stress on a situation while you are trying to organize what to do with no longer required items. Often it can be easier to oganise a shared storage unit to home the additional unwanted bits and pieces until you can decide what to do with them.


Too many couches? Fort Knox Self Storage can give you that extra storage space when you most need it.

Whether it’s moving from one partners place to the other’s, or it could be a fresh start in totally new digs, there’s usually only room for 1 couch, 1 fridge, 1 couch etc. The question is, do you pass on to family members and /or friends or do you try and eBay or Gumtree the extra furniture? These are just a few potential options for the extra stuff that doesn’t make the cut for the big move in.  A self storage unit can often give you a bit of extra breathing space to work these things out.


Hope every one has a great Valentine's Day this weekend.

Fort Knox has a great range of different size units that can cater for any amount of excess furniture and the like. With no lock in contracts and short and long term rental options for self storage units, couples that are moving in together and self storage go together like Valentine’s Day and Hallmark Cards. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

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