Looking back over 20 years of Fort Knox

What started from humble beginnings – an empty lot in Moorabbin and a bunch of converted shipping contains – has grown over the last 20 years into a thriving self storage business, with a great team of people (our amazing storage experts) and a total of 8 sites across greater Melbourne and with another great purpose built facility in Keysborough, due for completion mid year.

Moorabbin's Converted Shipping Container Storage Units.

Over the last 20 years, we have seen some great advances in technology and security with self storage, from the introduction of our innovative iSign digital sign up procedure, to partnerships with some of the latest security companies, ensuring that Fort Knox is up to date with all the latest in protection and security.

No longer the only choice to find you goods and services, the yellow peril has mad the transition to web based searches.

We have seen a huge shift in the way people look for self storage, but what people store, and the reasons they choose to store, hasn’t changed a great deal. On a broader scale, Yellow pages, which used to be the go to for business searches has been eclipsed by the Google juggernaut. No longer are we reaching for the big yellow tome, but instead we’re picking up our smartphones and tablets, a technology that has exploded in the last several years. The power of a desktop computer now rests in the palm of your hand.

TV anytime, anywhere is the choice for the latest generation.

We’ve seen the transition from traditional TV, where you would have to be at home on a certain day at a certain time to ensure you caught your favourite TV show (or maybe press record on your VCR to watch at a later date) to downloadable instant content and streaming services such as Stan and Netflix where you can watch what you want when you want, but for a price. The same services for movies have seen the demise of the local video shop as well, with only a few die hard stores still hanging in there.

Self storage has and always will have a place in society as the population continues to swell and more and more apartment buildings rocket skyward to fill the Melbourne skyline. Space is becoming more and more of a premium and people will always have things that they need to keep but don’t necessarily have the room at home to store.

So as we look back at the last 20 years, we look forward with excitement what advances and developments will arise in next 20.

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