Fort Knox visit Front Yard – Part Two

Following on from last week’s blog on Fort Knox’s visit to Melbourne City Mission’s Front Yard Youth Services Centre –

As well as the services we mentioned last week, another example of the great work that they do at Front Yard is their early intervention service. This service identifies potential situations where mediation along with open and honest discussions with families can often result in preventing the transition into homelessness for some. Yet unfortunately there are many young people out there who are homeless already and often don’t have anyone else, friends or family to fall back on and rely solely on Front Yard and the services they provide as their only level of support.

Over 1500 young homeless or disadvantaged young people pass through these doors every year. Over 1,500 young homeless or disadvantaged young people pass through these doors every year.

Looking to the future, Front Yard are currently in planning stages to establish the first refuge opened in over a decade, and the first in Melbourne’s CBD, at their King Street building. Plans have been submitted to open the top floors with a number of beds which will help to serve those coming to the centre looking for accommodation. Those needing help will potentially be able to come in and get a bed for the night, rather than just being referred on to a refuge located away from the centre. Currently there are only just over 100 current refuge beds available at various locations around the greater Melbourne Metro area.

The sign out front of Front Yard's King Street home. The sign out front of Front Yard’s King Street home.

Overall, it was a real eye opening experience seeing the centre in action first hand, (there were a couple of young people who came into the centre looking for support while we were there) and an extremely humbling experience getting a look at the amount of critical, life saving work the men and women at Front Yard have to handle everyday. Fort Knox Self Storage are honoured to help such a worthwhile charity organisation. If you want to help support Melbourne City Mission, you can participate in this year’s Sleep At The G. Follow the link to their website, where you will find all the information you need if you wish to donate.

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