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The summer holidays are finally here and some of you might be thinking of stocking up on wine for celebrations. Storing wine is simple, right? Just get a wine rack, find a good spot in your lounge or kitchen to put it, load in the bottles, and you’re done. Actually, heat fluctuations and temperatures over 21 degrees can destroy all the good qualities of wine and leave you with a bad tasting bottle. So, what is the best way to store wine?

Wine being poured into a glass on an outdoor picnic table

Keep it cool.

Many people aren’t aware that wine is a very temperamental liquid that is sensitive to heat, light, and movement. Wine kept at temperatures constantly above 21 degrees Celsius will age prematurely and temperatures above 25 degrees will cook your wine and destroy the flavours. Wine is best when stored at consistent temperatures, between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius, in dark and humid conditions. This makes that wine rack above the fridge one of the worst places to store wine. The compressor on your fridge puts out a lot of heat as it operates, cooking your valuable wine in the process.

two white wine glasses on the beach

White wines are also particularly susceptible to ultra violet and even incandescent light, which is why they are often packaged in green tinted bottles. White wines packaged in clear or light green bottles run the highest risk of damage from light sources.

If you have some older bottles and are considering storing wine with corks for a long time, then humidity becomes a factor too. Humid conditions keep the cork moist, which stops it from shrinking and letting air into the bottle.

The wine storage solution.

Don’t have a space in your home that is cool,dark and humid? The solution is simple, Fort Knox wine storage. We have 3 locations with temperature and humidity controlled storage, there’s no UV exposure and it’s quieter and more secure than standard storage because only other wine storers can access the temperature controlled sections of the buildings.

Like all our storage units, wine storage is month to month, so you can store only for as long as you need. We also have discounts available for up front payments on long term storage. Just get an instant quote online for wine storage at Eltham, Ringwood or Scoresby, or call and speak to one of our team members for more information.

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