Invaluable Distractions

Boy in hospital bed with distraction box

Image courtesy of TLC for Kids

We recently received a wonderful letter from TLC for kids thanking us for the distraction boxes that were donated to them through beyond the boardroom last year. The two boxes that we sponsored have already helped over 460 sick children in just the last 6 months. It’s always great to know that that the little things that we do for charity have a real impact.

The event

On a cold winter’s night in 2019 our team members volunteered their time after work, in exchange for pizza and drinks, to bond through group activities and challenges. This activity was part of the Fort Knox Self Storage annual team building charity event. These team building activities help our team to strengthen their bond employing our companies core values.

Choosing a cause and activity that suits everyone isn’t easy. With this project we were able to do something that would have meaning to our team and our community.

Throughout the evening there was a lot of laughter, antics and comradery amongst the group. Competitive spirits were high as each team tried to outdo each other to finish quests first. Most importantly, we learned about the distraction box program and how our participation was going to help many sick children in our community.

The Cause

As an adult, the thought of painful medical tests and examinations is quite daunting, imagine how scary it must be for a child. The TLC for Kids Distraction Box is filled with fully researched therapeutic items to distract and guide children through painful medical examinations and procedures whilst they are in hospital. The Boxes help make hospital visits a little more bearable for kids. Distractions can be effective within 60 seconds of the child picking it up, giving a near instant impact.

We are always glad to hear that our team building charity events really do help the causes that we support. Knowing that our team has impacted so many children in our community is exceptionally humbling.

Boy in hospital blowing bubbles,

Image courtesy of TLC for Kids.

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