Bubbly Beauty’s in Bra’s

Bubbly beauty’s in bra’s, not exactly words normally associated with Self Storage.

However, our team of amazing wonder women bared all as they united together in a quest to help underprivileged women gain some dignity. And while the workplace is usually an environment of conservative dress and corporate uniform last night our gorgeous girls proudly sported their personal brassiere’s before being delivered to the Uplift Project.

The bra trade is a lucrative industry however, for the majority of us it’s a necessary item of clothing for support and comfort. A bra is also an item of high fashion, wearing a luxurious bra made of silk, satin, exotic lace or a gorgeous print makes us feel feminine, sexy and beautiful. For many women a deluxe bra, whilst not seen, gives us confidence and helps improve our self-image.

Having a bra to wear gives women the sense of common dignity yet there are copious number of women living in poverty or disadvantage communities where a bra is often unobtainable or simply unaffordable. Not only do bras offer support and self-confidence, but there are a range of health benefits for wearing them.

In humid climates, rashes, fungal infections and abscesses can occur between the breast and the chest wall. Wearing a bra allows air flow and circulation reducing the risk of these nasty and painful health issues. Additionally, any infection or thrush rash can be harmful to nursing mothers and has been known to spread to the baby’s mouth.

Fort Knox Community Support for the Uplift Project
The bras being donated by the women of Fort Knox Self Storage to the Uplift Project.

Uplift Project is a charity that has sent well over a million bra’s to women whom need them without compromising their dignity. They collect new and second-hand bras from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and distribute them through a range of disadvantage communities both locally and internationally where needed. In a country where waste is becoming a huge issue this project is an amazing opportunity for all of us to recycle while contributing to improved health and dignity of others. Here at Fort Knox we are fortunate to have an amazing collaborative of supportive storage experts both ladies and gents whom actively participate in charitable projects such as this. We are proud and delighted at the overwhelming number of beautiful quality bra’s that we managed to collect and donate, in excess of 150.

Additionally, we are extremely humbled that our fellow gentlemen in our team showed great respect and support towards us girls, one even modelling one of the bras himself to help raise awareness for this great project. This is a true testament to the family culture we have grown and developed.

We would like to acknowledge Rosemary from our Alphington team for bringing this project to our attention and being the driving force behind what was a hugely fun and successful campaign. Thank you, Rosemary, for uplifting us all!

The Team at Fort Knox Self Storage Give Community Support for the Uplift Project.
The Fort Knox team having fun for a good cause – The Uplift Project.

If you would like to find our more information on Uplift Project please visit their website at http://www.upliftbras.org/

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