Fort Knox Self Storage goes to Vegas

Earlier this month 2 of our Operations Managers, Jo and Julia, attended the Inside Self-Storage (ISS) World Expo at the Paris Hotel & Resort Las Vegas. All together 48 states of the USA, 8 Canadian Provinces and a further 22 countries were represented at what has been described as “the largest Self Storage event” in the Self Storage arena.

The ISS World Expo was held in Las Vegas, USA from April 6-9 and broke all previous attendance records.

Being in an ever-changing industry, it’s imperative that we keep up to date across all areas of our business, from new technologies and advances in construction to security and social media advances. Having the opportunity to meet suppliers and learn of new innovations and developments is priceless. To be able to sit down one on one and brainstorm new concepts that will help grow our industry as a whole was certainly an invaluable experience.

Engaging with world leaders in self storage helps us to grow and develop our business here in Australia. Listening to how guest speakers have overcome hurdles to make their business successful is very inspiring. It’s a great way for others to learn from their challenges and embrace a smarter more efficient way forward to grow and develop their own sites.

Paris Hotel and Resort was the home of this years ISS World expo. It almost felt like being in the French city itself.

In an ever increasing social media world we often forget the importance of face to face interaction. In numerous studies conducted it is believe that one of our basic survival needs is socialisation and feeling part of a community.  One of the key points we took away from the conference is that feeling of importance.  To really understand your customer and to tailor a solution that suits their story. Whilst we believe that at fort Knox Self Storage we deliver excellence in customer service, it’s great motivation to hear from other countries how they meet their customer’s needs.

In a country where service is paramount to their survival, the USA really do deliver on customer expectation.  Old fashion service is something that is coming back in Australia as consumers are demanding higher level of expertise and service from all providers. With an increase in competition and a new age of online shopping customers options are far greater than ever before. Although there are a range of budget options available for storers our market has some tough competition. But when you entrust your valuables with someone, what really matters is that you have peace of mind that the storage facility has your best interests at heart. That you, the consumers are the most important element of their business.

Part of Fort Knox’s commitment to staying ahead of the pack and achieving business and industry awards such as ‘work life balance award’ and ‘facility of the year’ is to engage in events like this conference and to embrace change and continue to push the boundaries in new innovations such as our iSign paperless move-in.

Our 2 operations managers, chock full of great new self storage ideas, out in front of the Bellagio and it's world famous fountains.


Having an active involvement in your industry or trade association can seem overwhelming. However there are many benefits of getting involved and making a commitment to not just to grow your own business, but your whole industry. Many people question the benefits of engaging with competitors at conventions, however, many of the attendees may be suppliers, industry tradesmen, allies and friends. We embrace the mindset that participation in trade associations allows your industry to flourish as new ideas and standards are reached.

So as Vegas never stops neither do the new concepts, training and development strategies here at Fort Knox Self Storage. And whilst the conference has come to an end our next chapter of growth and opportunity awakens.

Editors more: No babies, tigers or Dougs were harmed during the ISS World Expo in Vegas. Someone did almost lose a tooth though. 🙂

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