The Evolution of The Man Cave

This week’s blog we are going to talk about a different kind of storage space – The Man Cave or Man Space!

As a bachelor a man’s home was his refuge where guys get to do as they please. With a fridge full of beer, a kitchen draw full of takeaway menus, a big TV, a garage that represents a workshop and of course no bachelor pad is complete without a foosball table and a pile of discarded pizza boxes. This is the ultimate man space.

Foosball, for the discerning Man-caver.. Foosball table, for the discerning Man-caver..

So what happens when a boy meets a girl? Suddenly they find themselves on their best behaviour where their sensibilities take over their burning desire to retreat to their male only space. They are trained to do feminine domestic chores and their prized possessions are boxed up and stored in the garage, or sent off to self storage, never to see daylight again. Traditionally the women design and decorate the home, arrange the meals and lay down the rules. Without being sexist this is a reality for a lot of men and the only manhood they retain is the size of their BBQ.

So as modern society progresses so too has the need for men to have their own space and so the man cave has evolved. A man cave has multiple purposes and can be a great idea for both the men and the women of the household. This new wave man space allows men to have their freedom and gives them a place to be alone. A sanctuary where they can indulge in their hobbies, retreat to a male only space to watch sports matches or play video games.

For something a little different - motorbikes for seats. Who would have thunk it!! For something a little different – motorbikes for seats. Who would have thunk it!!

There are many leading psychologists that claim that a man cave can provide retreat from the stresses of day to day business and can be beneficial to a marriage. For a man having a place to go where behaviours are relaxed, cleanliness is not observed and they don’t have to abide by rules gives them a great sense of freedom.

The ideal man cave is a space that is self-contained like a garage or a shed in the back yard. This gives them the feeling of complete control. It allows them to display their prized possessions such a homemade bar, beer can sculptures, trophies and other memorabilia that they collected throughout their youth. It is a female no go zone and to be honest a place most females don’t dare venture.

A sign of the times. A sign of the times.

However our advice to any man who is looking at building a man cave is to be prepared to negotiate. You need to consider the female of the house and her needs. You may need to compromise and agree on her having a space such as a craft room, a play room or a redecorate a room inside the house. To achieve your ultimate man space you might need to think about where you can store any excess household goods. Christmas decorations, boxes of craft items and children’s trinkets will not provide you with a masculine atmosphere and have a place in your man cave. So be prepared do your research and find a new home for these treasures before presenting your wife with your blueprints.

Fort Knox Self Storage can be a great way to offer a secure place for her priceless family heirlooms whilst giving you the space to create your very own unique man cave. For information on how we can help you with your storage needs please call one our friendly storage experts on 1300 668 638 Now call your mates, put the beer in the fridge and some snags on the barbie and let the planning begin.

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