Coburg goes solar!

Solar panels locked down.

Even a stage 4 lock-down couldn’t stop our continued solar roll out! The importance of taking steps to protect the environment does not stop, even during a global pandemic.

Roof top solar panels at Fort Knox Self Storage Coburg north

While most Melbournians were staying safe at home and waiting for good news from Premier Daniel Andrews‘ daily press conference. A team from Enervest was busy setting up and installing a new solar system at our Coburg North storage facility. This is the 8th of our Fort Knox Self Storage sites to get rooftop solar.

In October, we had 256 solar panels installed on the roof of the Coburg North storage building. With a total system size of 98.5 kW, this new system should generate around 122,547 kWh of electricity per year. Using this solar system to generate electricity from the sun will save around 150 tonnes of toxic CO2 from being produced each year.

Fort Knox Self Storage Coburg solar roof panels

A little power for everyone.

Even on a cloudy Melbourne day, this system generates enough electricity to power the storage facility and feed back into the grid to power our neighbouring Coburg North businesses. Sharing the green energy means that less power needs to be drawn from the coal fired power stations.

A small part of our big plan.

This new system adds to our total solar generation capacity. We now have 2018 solar panels located at our self storage facilities across Melbourne, for a total system of 760kW, generating thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity every day. This is something that Fort Knox Self Storage started adding to our sites in 2014. We have an environmental plan that is more than just solar. Our storage sites have also implemented plans to greatly reduce the use of energy, water, and paper. One big step that we took was to change from paper to online contracts for customers. Some other subtle changes we have made are our drought proof gardens and low watt LED lighting, among other things.

Fort Knox self storage Coburg North rooftop solar

Progress never stops.

Solar install number 8 is done, so it’s time to move on to the next environmental initiative. Protecting the environment for future generations is a project that never ends.

Fort Knox Coburg roof top solar panels

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