Clear Space. Clear Mind. Tips for the New Year.

Every year the majority of us make a list. A list of what we achieved. A list of what we want to achieve or a list of everything that we didn’t achieve. As 2016 comes to an end, and most of us have already finished up with work for the year, we begin to think about how we can improve ourselves and reflect on the year passed.

List Writing

For the majority of us, there is always that niggling area or room in the house that is filled with stuff. Stuff that is important to us, however, we just do not have the room to store it. As we embark on the new year and start writing our 2017 lists for ourselves, with things such as ‘new me’, ‘creative me’, ‘healthier me’, ‘more organised me’ wouldn’t it be great to enter 2017 with a fresh, clean and organised home? The point of this list is to at least attempt to become a better version of yourself in the new year, right? So why not start with clearing your space.

As we begin to pull out the spare dining chairs, the boxed up Christmas tree or even just the old family photos out of that dusty, pile in the garage or spare room, why not consider storing it. The point of self-storage is to maximise space in your home and to feel at ease that your beloved items are safe, clean and organised in a storage unit. Not only does this make you feel like you have crossed off the ‘more organised me’ from your list (which you have) but it also finally gives you the chance to arrange and decorate that spare room as you have always imagined. Sounds like ‘creative me’ is also getting ticked off that list!

Self Storage Space

Self-storage is a great solution to freeing up space, organising your items and feeling at ease, that those items you only use a few times a year are no longer sitting in a corner collecting dust. They are organised and ready to be used at any moment. So consider this, when storing your valuables, you want more than just a place to put them. You want peace of mind. Fort Knox Self Storage offers much more than other Self Storage operations, with convenient locations, competitive pricing and state-of-the-art security. Because we value your possessions as much as you do.

Enter the New Year in 2017, with a clear space and a clear mind.

Happy Holidays!

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