Cellaring your wine, and why it’s a good idea!

A bottle of wine represents many things, a beautiful gift to say thank you, a night with friends, or even a special memory. As our love for good food and wine is growing so is our wine collection and unfortunately the lack of storage space. Investing money into collecting wine is only one part of the process. You begin to feel an attachment to bottles, form memories of when you acquired them and dream about what it is going to taste like after you have so longingly waited to open it. Ultimate respect and understanding are needed in the care of your wine.

Storing your specially selected wines in a dusty box in a dark corner is just not going to cut it. Sadly, too many budding collectors have reached for that special bottle only to find that is has been destroyed due to various factors such as humidity or light, conducive to poor cellaring. According to the winemakers at Henschke Wines “A constant temperature is the most critical factor in cellaring wine. Extremes of temperature can cause rapid maturation and/or spoilage of wine, especially where extremes of heat are concerned”.

If you take your wine passion seriously then it is time to take their storage seriously.FORTKNOX WINE STORAGE

Fort Knox has a wine storage solution for your collection – be it small or large investing in a wine storage unit is the next logical step for any budding or seasoned collector. To maximize the life of your wine and maintain its quality, opting for a temperature controlled wine cellar will enable you to keep those special wines in perfect condition for years to come.

Whether it is just a few bottles of your most precious wine or an entire cellar Fort Knox has the perfect wine storage solution for you. Just like a 5-star hotel for your wine, Fort Knox has private, state of the art security monitored wine cellars which are thermostatically climate controlled at 14-16°C and kept at a constant 75% humidity.**WINE STORAGE FORTKNOX

Keeping your wine in the best possible cellaring conditions and helping it age to perfection. No longer are the moments of humiliation when your favourite bottle you have been waiting for the perfect moment to open, has been soiled due to poor cellaring.

For more information contact your nearest facility.

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