Celebrating 10 years of Service – Ingrid Reyes

Fort Knox Employee Ingrid Reyes

Ingrid Reyes – Celebrating 10 years’ at Fort Knox. Pictured at Sleep at the G initiative.

In 1975 it was reported that the average stay in the same job was approximately 10 years. Fast forward to todays fluent workforce and its estimated that the average length of stay is under 3 years. So, it is a great accomplishment to achieve 10 years of service. Today we would like to celebrate 10 years of loyal service for one of our Area Managers and Manager of our Scoresby site Ingrid Reyes.

Ingrid fondly nicknamed “Mother Duck” by some of her team is a much loved, loyal and dedicated member of our team. I interviewed Ingrid to find out about her 10 years’ service with us and what is was that keep her motivated.

Upon asking Ingrid what she enjoys most about your role at Fort Knox? she responded; “I love working with different people and age groups – hearing about different situations experiences, I find this helps me stay grounded”.

Before joining Fort Knox in 2008 Ingrid had a long history working in front line recruitment as well as retail sales and customer service. When we first met Ingrid, it was evident that she had developed great people skills. She has a genuine interest in people and their stories. While she is very procedural driven she has a soft nurturing disposition and thrives on seeing her team grow and develop.

Outside of work Ingrid enjoys her love of food, and she knows how to cook, I challenge anyone to bake a better sticky date pudding than her and her longanisa (Filipino sausage) is legendary! Ingrid’s favorite foods include, seafood, cakes and cheese.

Ingrid is very family focused and a devoted grandmother which is likely why she fosters strong family values within her team. When I asked her what she was most proud of it came to no surprise that her Family was at the top of the list. Outside of work she also enjoys watching movies and listening to instrumental music.

Ingrid has old fashioned values and is exceptionally reliable, punctuality is something she is a stickler for so it is no wonder that when I asked her what is the weirdest/craziest thing to happen to her response was….. “I recall running late for school, I was so embarrassed and when I entered the classroom I couldn’t apologizes enough to the whole class before exam, only to realized it wasn’t my class that I went into”.

Ingrid is a very reflective person and loves motivational quotes and advice. When I asked her for her what was the best piece of advice or quote she had come across she replied: – Indira Gandhi – There are only two kinds of people, one who does the work and second the one who take the credit and it is best to be on the first one it has less competition. There is no doubt that Ingrid is the one who does the work, she never shy’s away from hard work and leads by example.

One of our “Wonder Women”, Ingrid is a resilient person she pushes herself through life’s ups and downs and always sets new challengers for herself. When I asked her to describe herself in a word she said resilient and liken herself to a bamboo tree, “I know that life doesn’t always give me a straight road to cross and there are bends & curves that I need to pass but I am very resilient – like a bamboo tree no matter what kind of circumstances arises I will always be able to adjust and withstand it. The down side is bamboo trees has a tension on its branch pushing itself harder – where I beat myself up on every little thing.”

Like most of us Ingrid is her harshest critic always reflecting on how she can improve and grow to be a better person, better wife and better manager. In her downtime she loves going to the beach where she feels grounded. She loves listening to the waves, watching the stars and enjoying the peaceful tranquillity. Ingrid says the beach is her favourite holiday destination as it reminds her of her childhood and it’s her favourite place to de-stress and reminds her to appreciate the simple things life has to offer.

We are truly honoured to have Ingrid on our team for the past 10 years. She is a highly motivated and devoted team member. She has a very grounded outlook and while she drives and tight ship so to speak you would be hard to find a more caring and genuine Mother Duck. The Management team here at Fort Knox Self Storage want to extend our heart felt thanks to Ingrid for her 10 years of service and we look forward to a long and successful future together.


Celebrating 10 years service at Fort Knox. Pictured at the beach!

Ingrid Reyes – Celebrating 10 years service at Fort Knox. Pictured at the beach!

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