Wrap it Up! Keeping your goods safe in storage

Wrap it Up! Keeping your goods safe in storage written by Sam Storageton from Fort Knox Self Storage

From Larura Palmer in Twin Peaks to Dexter Morgan in Dexter, TV and pop culture tends to make us believe that the best use of plastic is when you need to dispose of a dead body. Rubbish we say!! Although it MAY come in handy if you are looking to transport a dismembered body out to the waters of the Florida Keys, (on a TV show) the BEST use for plastic is to help keep your things safe and in pristine condition. A practice used to prolong the life of couches in many areas of Melbourne!

All kidding aside, the best way to keep something safe, clean and damage free, especially when you place it in storage, is to cover it up. Be it with blankets, bubble wrap or plastic sheets, wrapping up your prized possesions is a sure fire way to prolong their longevity and keep them free of scratches and dings.

Also, when moving things into storage, it is a great idea to plan in advance and organize adequate amounts of packing supplies such as bubble wrap, butcher paper to place between objects when packing in boxes, or felt blankets to put between larger items like wardrobes, chests of drawers of other hardwood items. Even blankets on the ground can help prevent scratches on bigger items such as antiques or cabinets. Fort Knox Self Storage has all these things available at our self storage facilities. For a look at what we offer at each of our storage sites, you can jump through to our website store or come down to any of our 8 locations around Melbourne. Click here to find your nearest one!

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