‘Wonder Women’ – run for the kids

Here at Fort Knox Self Storage, we have a solid commitment to ensuring our team enjoy a work-life balance while promoting a healthy lifestyle. As a family owned company, we love investing in group workplace activities to grow and build on strong relationships both inside and outside of work, which is why we absolutely love it when our employees work together outside of work hours to continue to support our initiatives and community.

On Sunday 9th of April 2017, together with more than 26,000 other runners and walkers our “Wonder Women” participated in the Run for Kids charity run to raise money for The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Despite the wet and cold conditions, it was heart-warming to see so many families and friends get together to participate in the 12th annual event and raise $1.6 million.

'Wonder Women'

As the participants eagerly waited for their designated start time to be called, the beautiful sunny skies above began to disappear and were replaced by dark clouds along with thunder and lightning. This, however, was no reason for their enthusiasm to damper, as the determination to run just became stronger. A large roar intensified through the crowd as the first group of runners very eagerly began.

As Fort Knox is a family run and owned business we lovingly and openly recognise the support and nurture needed to raise the younger members of our family. The Royal Children’s Hospital with its first class medical services and talented staff is an incredible centre. Unfortunately, there are few of us that have not been touched by an illness, injury or sadly loss of a child. It is reassuring to know we have the medical service’s available to us to ensure our younger generation have a successful recovery.

Our “Wonder Women” said they would without a doubt join the run again next year and are hoping to encourage more of our team to join them. It was an incredibly successful day and we absolutely love supporting our community.

Fort Knox would like to recognise all the volunteers, of whom many spent hours in the rain, for the exceptional work in planning, organising and ensuring the day was a success. We would like to send a big shout out to all of the other runners and walkers for making it such a wonderful day. And a very special mention to our little runner Nicholas, who not only braved the weather but happily joined his mum Sarah and our team in the true spirit of the day.

Run For Kids with Nicholas

If you would like more information on Run for the Kids or make a donation please visit www.runforthekids.com.au

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