Boxes? We’ve got your boxes right here!

Along with our main business of self storage, Fort Knox also knows that to store as effectively as possible, boxes (and a few additional bits and pieces) are your best friend. If you’ve ever seen or played Tetris, you know that the most comprehensive and efficient way to pack is in squares. And to ensure that your items are packed safely inside those boxes, bubble wrap, butcher’s paper and tape (just to name a few) are essential in the packing and protection game also.

Fort Knox have a great range of boxes, packing material and other essential self storage items available Fort Knox have a great range of boxes, packing material and other essential self storage items available

Obviously not all objects can be neatly packed into the confines of a neat and tidy Fort Knox Big or Little Box. So for odd and larger shaped objects – couches, fridges and other assorted furniture, making sure these are stacked correctly and efficiently in your unit is paramount and protecting these items is essential too. We generally advise against storing up against unit walls and it is important to take into consideration the height of your unit, not just the floor space. Old large towels or blankets from home can be of use between bulkier items, but Fort Knox also have essential packing materials such as large format bubble wrap and for more heavy duty or precious items, dedicated felt blankets which are great in these kinds of situations.

Fort Knox Document Box Made of thick cardboard and very durable, our document boxes are a top seller.

All these and more are available at heavily discounted prices across all 9 Fort Knox Self Storage sites you can also easily and efficiently organise click and collect via our website. So if you know what you want, simply arrange an order via our website and or handy team of Self Storage Experts will lovingly and caringly prepare your order and have it all ready to go when you arrive on site. Ready and waiting for you to start your big self storage adventure!

That’s great and all, but how are you able to sell at such crazy low prices? Are they cheap and poorly made, you ask? Due to the size and buying power of our business we are able to buy in bulk and pass serious savings onto you. And because storage is our business, and we take great pride in it, our packing boxes are stringently tested and constructed of stronger cardboard than most others on the market. They are heavy duty boxes and made to stand the test of time.

Felt Blanket For the more precious item in your self storage unit, felt blankets are an invaluable resource.

So if you’re looking for quality boxes, come by any of Fort Knox’s self storage centres around Melbourne and grab yourself some! Or check out there range of boxes and packing materials online here.

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