Typhoon Haiyan Touches The Hearts Of The Fort Knox Team

It’s devastating enough to see the images of the destruction and loss that the Typhoon Haiyan has inflicted on the Philippines without having any direct connection. However for 2 of our Fort Knox team members this disaster is very close to home.

Ingrid and Barb raising some much needed funds for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan


Ingrid and Barbra 2 of our site managers and well respected members of the Fort Knox family are heartbroken as their home country struggles to come to terms with the of this tragic disaster. With and shocking estimated 10,000 casualties our colleges asked for us to support their country through this humanitarian emergency.

The Fort Knox Team - Typhoon Haiyan Touches The Hearts Of The Fort Knox Team

On Wednesday the 20th November Ingrid and Barb took to baking and provided our management team with a delicious breakfast of coffee and muffins in exchange for a small donation. The group gladly donated $400 from their own pockets to assist the Typhoon Haiyan Appeal. These ladies also managed to raise another $600 at a private family function making the grand total of $1000. To put this into perspective this is enough money to buy 500 kilos of rice which will feed approximately 300 people. Ingrid who was scheduled to take a well-earned holiday in the Philippines this week has generously donated her time to help the Red Cross while on holiday and take the much needed funds to those who so desperately need it. We encourage all team members who weren’t at the breakfast and would like to help Barb and Ingrid in their quest to make a difference to so many families in the Philippines this Christmas to donate at

Incredible devastation - Typhoon Haiyan Touches The Hearts Of The Fort Knox Team

We are really lucky to live in a country where we don’t tend to see this kind of devastation. And for us here at Fort Knox we are really proud of the culture and camaraderie that our team show in supporting one another. The Fort Knox Family would like to offer its sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones through catastrophic natural disaster and extend our comfort and support to Barb and Ingrid’s extended family and friends.

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