Our top 5 spring de-cluttering tips – Part 2

Our top 5 spring de-cluttering tips – Part 2 was written by Julia in our managemant team.

Tip 4 – How to maintain a tidy kid’s room

Children’s toys can take up a considerable amount of space and in seconds their bedroom can look like a disaster zone. To help bring order to the chaos, invest in some low bookshelves and some coloured plastic tubs.

Stack the tubs on the bookshelf to keep toys tidy but easy to access. Get the kids to choose different coloured tubs for certain toys. Eg. Red tub = Lego. Ask the kids to draw a picture or find an image of Lego and stick it on the outside of the tub. This way they are more likely to put things away in the correct tub. This is a great storage idea and gives the kids a project so they take accountability and feel involved.

Tip 5 – Clear out your pantry

Unless we are moving house let’s be honest we don’t often take the time to clean out the pantry. This is a great way to check if any food is out of date and to make sure you don’t waste money at the grocery store doubling up on items buried at the back of the shelf.

One great idea to keep your pantry organised is to utilise plastic containers. They’re a great way to keep food fresh and being transparent, it makes sorting out your pantry a dream. A great idea is to store items the kids use on low levels where they can reach them and put items you don’t want them getting to like lollies, or biscuits on the higher shelves where they are out of sight and out of reach.

Now that your home is decluttered go out to the garden and take some cuttings of flowers and place them in a vase, these will give your home a fresh spring feel and keep it smelling lovely.

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