Team Fort Knox Lends A Helping Hand.

As the sun went down on Melbourne’s iconic MCG last Thursday night our team of storage experts were busy handing out Fort Knox moving boxes at Melbourne City Mission’s annual Sleep at the ‘G fundraiser.

Despite the crowd being a fair cry from the ‘G’s normal numbers, the 1000+ Sleepers’ roar echoed across the hallowed turf as they enthusiastically applauded the rising tally. The energy and excitement was heart-warming as we prepared for a night to remember.

Team Fort Knox holding a Sleep at The G sign Fort Knox & social media played a big role in spreading the Sleep at The ‘G message.

To simulate the homeless experience, all Sleepers were given nothing but a Fort Knox Big Box as a bed. Sleeping on the harsh concrete of the MCG concourse did not dampen the spirits of our brave Sleepers. With smiles as big as the moon, and a great sense of pride our team raised a fantastic $6,200 for the Mission.

Entertaining ourselves with dress ups, card games, and wild stories our team used social media to urge our friends and family to help us try and achieve the overall fundraising target for the night of $500,000. And as the temperatures dropped and the lights dimmed the determination grew as we got closer to our goal.


Team Fort Knox trying to sleep on the MCG concourse With only a Fort Knox Big Box between our Team and concrete, comfort wasn’t high on the agenda.

Even though it was an unforgettable experience for our team, the harsh reality hit us in the early hours of the morning. Cold, uncomfortable and sleep deprived, it’s impossible to fathom that some 6000 young homeless sleep on our streets every night.

With the night behind us, we still ue urge all Melbournians to support the Melbourne City Mission’s fight against youth homelessness and help them reach their target to build accommodation at their excellent ‘Front Yard’ program on Kings Street, so our kids don’t have to sleep on the streets anymore.

Team Fort Knox is really proud to partner with such a great cause and we would like to extend a massive thank you to not just our team but to all the volunteers who did a fabulous job in making the night a huge success.


Team Fort Knox Sleep At The G Group Shot Group Fort Knox Shot with our mascot beaver beanie in the front row.

And to all the sleepers who gave up their comforts to support this fabulous cause you should all be very proud of yourselves. We feel like we have made some lifelong friends and the bond between our team has strengthened.

If you want more information on Melbourne City Mission or would like to make a donation please visit them at

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