(Storage) Space – The Final Frontier!

It’s pretty common to hear around the traps that ‘size doesn’t matter’ but alas in the grand old world of Self Storage, the opposite is certainly the case. Size is paramount and as far as we are concerned and it’s our job to help you find the perfect amount of storage space/storage unit size possible for your needs at the best possible price.

Storage Space - Space Space – Self Storage for satellites!


In case we weren’t clear to begin with, at Fort Knox Self storage it’s all about size, and making sure you are able to squeeze the most out of every possible square foot of storage space. We know that size and space = money (it’s the basis for what our business is built on after all) and the best possible outcome for us is to get you the most efficient and economical amount of storage space for your precious personal items. Obviously the final decision is up to you, but we have quite a few options to help guide you when making up your mind as to the right amount of storage space you may need.


Woman cramped in box Don’t get cramped in – make sure you have the right amount of storage space for your stuff!

One great resource we provide comes in the familiar shape of our great Fort Knox Storage Experts, who are always on site during business hours. They are great for listening to what your storage needs are and helping guide you through what size storage space you may require for the goods you wish store. With some handy tips and tricks as well as years of knowledge and experience, our Storage Experts can help put you in the right storage space for the job.

Storage Space - Guides Fort Knox Self Storage – Great guides to help you with moving and storing.


Another great guide to help you with sizing up your needs are our 2 newly redesigned ‘Packing’ and ‘Protection’ guides. Designed specifically for helping you make the most out of your self storage experience, be it with some handy money saving tips or space maximizing hints, our guides will point you in the right direction for your move into storage!


So if it’s storage you’re looking for at a great rate, look no further than Fort Knox. Give us a call today on 1300 668 638 or have a look at our Space Calculator – another handy tool to help point you in the right direction with your storage needs.

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