Long Term Storage Solutions

The length of time someone requires storage can vary greatly from person to person. Sometimes people only need self storage for a short period, like in-between settlements on a house, or during a period of renovation at their home. Perhaps they are in between rental apartments and are doing a bit of couch surfing until the right place comes along.

Others may need self storage for longer periods, say 6, 12 or even more months. One of the reasons some people consider long term storage is if they are looking at living overseas for an extended period. Whether they are moving overseas for work purposes, they may have a 12-month contract in the UK or Asia, but will be returning to Melbourne at the conclusion of that contract. Or they may be travelling around the globe for pleasure, rather than business, for 6 to 12 months of the year. Regardless of the reason, the goods that they currently possess often need a home for a prolonged period. Long term overseas travel can mean that furniture and other non essential items stay behind in Australia. Long term storage is a great option for these circumstances.

Some times people will do a big sell off of their things, to either get a bit of cash for the next chapter in their lives, or possibly keep their furniture and other items in their house if they are considering renting out their place fully furnished – taking care of both their home and furnishings while they are away. Others, who maybe rent, or are just renting their own place out, sans furniture, obviously need somewhere to store their belongings and that place is generally self storage.

Fort Knox has special rates for long term storers, so it is really beneficial to know if you are going to store for 6 months, 12 months or possibly even longer, as the rates are lower if you can lock in longer amounts of storage time from the start.

Visit our website to find your closest Fort Knox and then give us a call if you wish to discuss the financial benefits of locking in long term storage and the advantages of storing with Fort Knox.

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