Keeping Our Communities Safe

As a family owned and run business Fort Knox prides itself on keeping our facilities secure and our employees safe. We take the time to engage with our local communities by working together and building relationships based on trust and strong communication.

The one relationship and the support we receive that we are most proud of is with the Australian Federal Police. We have a long history and work closely with both the Federal and Victorian Police force and have done so for a few years now. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) work on enforcing the Commonwealth criminal law and combat complex crime to protect our national security. The AFP also works closely with a range of other law enforcement and government agencies at the state, territory, Commonwealth and international levels, enhancing the safety and providing a secure regional and global environment.

Fort Knox works closely with the AFP to continually build on our relationship and to also work closely together in securing our storage facilities for our customers. We have built a great relationship with them and have invited all members of the Australian Federal Police to visit our facilities, offering free tea and coffee to them whenever they pop in. We take crime prevention very seriously, therefore, have had several members from the AFP visit us as guest speakers during our Managers meetings. They help our team work together and continuously address our team on crime prevention. This year we were also incredibly proud of our Operations and HR Manager Julia who was awarded a certificate of appreciation on behalf of Fort Knox from the Australian Federal Police for recognition of our ongoing assistance to criminal investigations undertaken by the Australian Federal Police Melbourne Office.

Every year we continue to be proud members and supporters of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA). Each year the SSAA holds a conference, and as members, we are fortunate to receive an invitation and have our representatives from Fort Knox attend. We have also been extremely fortunate to have the Federal Police and the incredible dog squad attend the SSAA conference as guests.

Our relationship with the AFP continues to grow stronger and we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work together and continuously contribute to crime prevention within our communities. For any further information on the Australian Federal Police please click on their here:

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