An iSign of the Times

Fort Knox Self Storage’s iSign: Silver Award Winner ~ The Design 100 Awards – 2016 Best Expansion Service or Application.

The team here at Fort Knox Self Storage are thrilled to announce our Silver Award for the 2016 Design 100 Award for our iSign application. For a small family owned and operated business, we are very proud to have been awarded a Silver Award at this years Design 100 Awards. This is a huge milestone for us, and to be recognized at the highest level is very prestigious.

Fort Knox Self Storage's Award Winning iSign digital customer sign Up application

iSign is a custom built, unique paperless process that was designed to make our customer move in process more efficient. We recognise that moving day, for most customers is stressful and they are extremely time poor. Our vision was to enhance our customer’s experience by making the move in process more interactive. The large print on the touch screen functionally ensures it is easy to use for all ages, including those who aren’t all that computer savvy.

We understand that filling in paperwork is both time consuming and mundane however, iSign is a fast, stress free, personalised shared experience which enables our customers to be involved in a fun, hands on, interactive way, whilst reducing our carbon footprint by being completely paperless.

iSign's ease of use is one of the reason's it is getting such positive customer feedback.

Our research showed that consumer demands are shifting towards convenience, environmental friendliness and a high level of service. This information, coupled with the knowledge that society is becoming more IT savvy, was the inspiration to try and make ourselves paperless and so our journey began…..

Having developed and designed everything in-house has meant that we are able to customise and make improvements in real time. iSign has improved accuracy, simplified processes and makes the move in process streamlined for customers and team members alike. We strongly believe our iSign model is a fabulous innovation and it gives us a real edge against our competitors.

iSign's innovative design and functionality makes an incredible difference when you sign up for a unit.

The feedback we have received has been extremely positive. Not only from the younger technology savvy clients who love the interactive screen, but even our more mature clientele enjoy the process. They find the large screen easy to read, they enjoy seeing their data presented in front of them, conveying full transparency and they feel a sense of achievement that they are up with the times in the digital world.

Fort Knox Self Storage would like to extend a huge congratulations to Domain for taking out the Gold Award for their property app.

Simple and easy to use, the iSign is a leading example of digital applications within the self storage industry.

We would like to acknowledge and credit the following team members for their contribution in the development of iSign. James Kung our IT support and development consultant who is the brains behind the encrypted workings of iSign. Corey Osmond our digital brand manager is the design guru who ensures the aesthetics and branding are pleasing to our customers. Nathan Thomson who project managed the concept ensuring laws and regulations where adhered to, while certifying the platform was user friendly and met our high customer service expectations.


Interested to see our award winning iSign paperless customer sign up application in action? Come on down to any of our 8 (soon to be 9) self storage facilities during office hours and let one of our on-site storage experts give you a demonstration!



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