Go, ‘Lunchbox’, Go! Not Your Average Ironman!

Go, ‘Lunchbox’, Go! Not Your Average Ironman! written by Richard from our Central Reservations team

Fort Knox Self Storage would love to acknowledge the achievements of one it’s own. One of the members of our Central Reservations team, Stephen Want is fast becoming a bit of a cult figure on the triathlon and Ironman circuit, who is affectionately known as the ‘Lunchbox’.

Taking on the big guns, Stephen’s ability and determination grow with each event.

Picturing a triathlete, brings up visions of professional athletes competing in Ironman events, or iron willed competitors competing at the Olympics. However Stephen doesn’t fit this standard stereotype.  He doesn’t have the typical stature of a triathlete, or the formal training behind him, but if anyone has a will strong enough to overcome a challenge, it’s Stephen.

He has his own loyal, ‘Team Lunchbox’, his own Lunchbox fan page on Facebook,  and is recognised by all at major events.  Stephen began his journey into triathlon at age 29, losing 40 kilograms during his training.

The other Iron Man. Almost as popular as our Stephen!

Stephen has since completed 5 more half Ironman events in different locations across Australia.  At the moment he is currently preparing for his first full Ironman in Western Australia this coming December.  This race consists of a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and the 42.2 km run.

On behalf of all at Fort Knox Self Storage I would like to wish Stephen all the best for his upcoming race and to express our admiration of his achievements and resilience.

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