First Aid Training

Here at Fort Knox Self Storage we are committed to providing a safe workplace for all our team, customers and visitors. We are committed to nurturing a workplace culture that supports healthy lifestyle and we actively engage our team in a range of initiatives that support individual health and wellbeing. However, as we know, no matter how much proactive action we engage in, sometimes accidents can happen.

With the average Victorian Ambulance response time now at 9.5 minutes undertaking first aid training can help you cope in an emergency. Quick response first aid may be the difference between life and death. It can help reduce pain, minimise further injury or prevent sudden illness until an ambulance arrives. There are many benefits of a workplace being first aid ready including enhanced employee morale, improved workplace culture and employee confidence.

Some of Fort Knox’s Storage Experts hard at work trying to revive ‘Alice’ the CPR doll.

Last week 10 of our Storage Experts carried out a nationally accredited, intensive, applied first aid training course with The Asthma Foundation of Victoria. Although the team had previously done first aid training they came away with a feeling of renewed confidence to be able to deal with an emergency and gained valuable new skills.

Asthma Victoria provided us with a fun and practical 2 day workshop where we were able to experience firsthand a range of techniques while ensuring we were using the most up to date methods of first aid management. It covered everything from primary surveys to assessing danger, risk management, preserving life and administering CPR, head and spinal injuries, control bleeding, to anaphylaxis, shock and of course asthma management.

\Renee from central reservations team testing out the quality of the first aid training bandages.

Although we covered a lot of theory the team found the role plays and practical exercises extremely valuable. Mick our trainer demonstrated the correct way to apply a variety of dressings and then demonstrated alternatives that would be practical if you didn’t have a first aid kit on hand.

The team felt that the skills they learned were not only valuable for the workplace but for their home and family circumstances also. The exercises covered everyone form an infant to an older person. They were practical for all situations from the workplace, to sporting fields and out in the bush. And most importantly the skills and techniques were suitable to each individuals own limitations.


First aid training Man Down! The group learning how to correctly position someone with a potential spinal injury.

With a few asthmatics in our team we are good friends and proud supporters of The Asthma Foundation Victoria and Fort Knox would like to recognise them for their highly professional and practical approach to training. We would not hesitate in recommending them to any business considering first aid training.

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