Christmas Clutter Clear Up

With Christmas fast approaching (who can believe it’s been a year already!) the next few weekends are filling up in a hurry. Christmas catch-ups, end of year work parties, BBQ gatherings – they’re all an ingrained part of the festive season and potentially, one of these events could or will end up at your place.


Christmas party

So, what do you do if you have to host one of these festive functions and your house is not as ‘clutter free’ or as ‘people friendly’ as it could be? Do you look around and think it might be a bit of a struggle to fit everyone comfortably at your place due to all the odds and ends that are potentially cluttering up the house? Maybe it’s a good time to do a bit of home assessment and weigh up the options of self storage to help with that Christmas Clutter.


Fort Knox Boxes with Santa on them


Looking into self storage might be something you’ve been meaning to do for sometime or has only just been brought to attention due to the fact that you put your hand up to host shindig over Christmas and will have a house full of people! Whatever the reason, self storage can definitely be a huge help. From smaller units for protecting household valuables you may wish to keep safe, secure and out of sight to larger units which might be perfect for that bit of furniture that’s in the way, (or waiting to be sold on Gumteee or eBay) Fort Knox can help sort you out.

If you have any questions, our team of experienced and dedicated Storage Experts are always on hand to help – either via email [email protected] or you can call us on 1300 668 638 and discuss any queries you may have about the big wide world of self storage.

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