Why choose self storage?

Are you sick of clutter at your place? Do you have kids moving back home? Are you considering going overseas and are worried about your valuables? These aree just a few of the many reasons why people might consider self storage.

For goods that are just too precious to throw away, but you don’t necessarily need or want them around the house, storage can be an attractive alternative. Knowing those items are safely locked away in a secure storage unit, and yet still easily accessible, can be a great relief. No more family arguments about where to store, the often ugly, family heirlooms!

Need to clear out that spare room for returning Family members? Self storage is a go

Do you have the occasional unexpected guest or guests drop by and end up needing to stay the night? Keep your spare room as an actual spare room and not a ‘junk’ room where all your odds and ends ultimately end up. Christmas decorations, sporting equipment and other out of season goods can be cleared out of the spare room and into a small storage unit with ease. Reclaiming you your house back from clutter.

Once you’ve decided self storage is the way forward for you, choosing the right storage facility is next, although keep in mind that not all are the same. Find somewhere that offers access hours to suits you, is run by friendly staff and looks well managed. Is the grass overgrown or are the units dirty?  If they do not take pride in the way their facility looks, they may not treat your goods with the same care as what you would.

Fort Knox Vermont

For extra peace of mind, choose a storage centre with monitored video surveillance and tamper-proof locking systems. If you have any questions, just ask; getting to know the staff at a storage facility and their attitudes gives you an insight into the care and consideration your items will be given while in storage.

Fort Knox Self Storage can offer all of this and more.  Pop in to any of our 9 self storage facilities around Melbourne, get yourself a Grand Tour and discover how the professional storage experts can take your stress away when you reserve a unit today.


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