Should you be considering self storage insurance?

Did you know…Our self storage insurance costs only $0.50 per $1000 worth of coverage per month (Minimum of $2.50 for $5000 coverage per month).

You wouldn’t think of leaving your precious goods uninsured at home, so it makes sense that the same applies to goods in storage.

Even with Fort Knox’s enviable record of safety and security, accidents can occur for reason’s beyond anyone’s control. Fire, theft and damage can happen in your home, they can happen in storage also.

For this reason, we recommend you organise insurance. If your property is worth storing, it’s worth insuring.

Fort Knox Self Storage insures their sites, but not your goods. The items you place in storage are your sole responsibility and should always be insured.

You can access an insurance benefit we have available for our customers under an insurance policy entered into with our insurers. Just follow the process as set out in the Customer Storage Insurance Benefits PDS available at Fort Knox Self Storage offices.

Enquire today and one of our friendly, professional staff will be in touch to help you find the right insurance for your storage needs.

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