The Best Things in Life are Free

At Fort Knox Self Storage, we know that thanks to our amazing on site ‘Storage Experts’, arranging a self storage unit is the easy part, but it can often be quite cumbersome and/or expensive to move your things from your home to your storage unit. Often if there are a lot of larger items, organizing a hire van or a team of removalists to shift things from A to B can be costly and time consuming.

Our Free Truck & Driver Service is super handy if you wish to move larger bulky items into storage, without the expense of hiring removalists.

When choosing to store with Fort Knox however, we have a very handy (and FREE) Truck and Driver service that you can take advantage of to move your things from home to storage. All you need to do is pack the truck at one end and unload it once you get to your new storage unit. We take care of everything else in between.

Originally starting out servicing a select number of our self storage facilities, our Free Truck and Driver was such a popular service, we expanded to cover all the self storage sites in the Fort Knox family. So if your looking to make the move into storage and want to get the full service treatment, call any of our sites to discuss your moving into storage options, or click here to get more information on our great Free Truck & Driver service.

Too many items to fit in the car, but not enough to warrant a whole truck? Perhaps our Free Trailer is the way to go for you.

If a truck seems a bit much or you really don’t have that many things to shift into storage, Fort Knox also offers a free trailer. Available at all sites, our free trailer is a great option if you have items that are too big for the car, but you don’t necessarily nee a whole truck for your move. Things like a single couch or a kitchen pantry unit are easily transported with our free trailer and can be organised as simply as asking one of our Storage Experts to book it and after some minor paperwork, you are good to go.

So if you’re considering self storage companies, consider Fort Knox, we have all you need to make an easy transition into self storage. Call us today or come down and visit us at any one of our self storage centres.