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4 Tips to Creating your Dream Home Office

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The state of  your home office can have a major impact on your productivity, happiness and your health. Productivity flourishes in environments that inspire you, so follow our four steps to creating your dream office. Declutter As simple as it sounds, decluttering your home office is the first step to creating your dream space. Clutter can have a profound impact on your productivity so the first step to your dream office is sorting through any paperwork, books, magazines etc that you no longer need. Removing any excess paperwork that you haven’t looked at in years will ease up some space for you to start organising. As for any paperwork or items that you wish to keep, but don’t use regularly, think about using a storage unit. Tip: Try and collate all your paperwork by... Read More

Declutter your Work Space

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Three Tips for Decluttering at Work  Having a messy workspace can make it difficult to get important tasks done efficiently. When you have too much clutter on your desk, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. You’re more likely to get distracted by the piles of paper that need to be filed and the paperclips that are slowly taking over your desk, making it next to impossible to get any work done. Here at Fort Knox Self Storage, we are all about helping people declutter their lives by getting excess stuff out of their way to a secure storage facility. Because of this, Bupa Life Insurance featured us in a recent post about decluttering. Here are a few of our top tips for simplifying your life at work.  Go Paperless  As we told Bupa for their article, How to... Read More

Cellaring your wine, and why it’s a good idea!


A bottle of wine represents many things, a beautiful gift to say thank you, a night with friends, or even a special memory. As our love for good food and wine is growing so is our wine collection and unfortunately the lack of storage space. Investing money into collecting wine is only one part of the process. You begin to feel an attachment to bottles, form memories of when you acquired them and dream about what it is going to taste like after you have so longingly waited to open it. Ultimate respect and understanding are needed in the care of your wine. Storing your specially selected wines in a dusty box in a dark corner is just not going to cut it. Sadly, too many budding collectors have reached for that special bottle only to find that is has been destroyed due to various factors... Read More


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We all know that summer in Australia can see some glorious blue skies, warm weather and sunny days. However, the downside is what comes with it, bushfire season. Protect yourself this year and follow Fort Knox’s guide to safe keeping during bushfire season. Step One: Have a Plan. To make your house and yourself safe during bushfire season have a plan. Write a list of the steps you will take if an emergency situation happens. Create a box of fire safety items that are easily accessible that the whole family knows about. Such as a fire extinguisher, safety blankets, torches etc. There are tools to make sure you are always up to date with. Step Two: Protect Your Valuables. Fort Knox Self Storage has dedicated storage for those in need during the fire season. Storing your valuable items... Read More

Guest Blog – Rent-A-Space Sydney

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This week, we are handing the blogging reigns over to our good friends up in Sydney, the great guys in at Rent-A-Space Self storage. Thanks for contributing to our blog guys, will definitely drop in to say hi next time we are up in Sydney. Also anyone living is Sydney, or considering moving to Sydney and looking at self storage, definitely give Rent-A-Space a call on 02 8758 0000 and tell them Fort Knox Self Storage sent you. Their blog for this week focuses on some of the main reasons to consider self storage and the ways which it can be helpful in all sorts of situations. Read on! When people first think of self storage, the housing of unwanted goods may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with a selection of different sized units available and plenty of convenient other... Read More

Love Is…A Shared Self Storage Unit


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a shared self storage unit! A common issue with many couples is that when they take that next big step in their relationship – the move in – the potential for doubling up on furniture, white goods and other incidental items becomes a highly likely scenario. If the romance is heating up and things are moving along quickly, (not that there’s anything wrong with that) time can often run out or put added stress on a situation while you are trying to organize what to do with no longer required items. Often it can be easier to oganise a shared storage unit to home the additional unwanted bits and pieces until you can decide what to do with them.   Whether it’s moving from one partners... Read More

Christmas Clutter Clear Up

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With Christmas fast approaching (who can believe it’s been a year already!) the next few weekends are filling up in a hurry. Christmas catch-ups, end of year work parties, BBQ gatherings – they’re all an ingrained part of the festive season and potentially, one of these events could or will end up at your place.   So, what do you do if you have to host one of these festive functions and your house is not as ‘clutter free’ or as ‘people friendly’ as it could be? Do you look around and think it might be a bit of a struggle to fit everyone comfortably at your place due to all the odds and ends that are potentially cluttering up the house? Maybe it’s a good time to do a bit of home assessment and weigh up the options of self storage to help with that Christmas... Read More

(Storage) Space – The Final Frontier!

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It’s pretty common to hear around the traps that ‘size doesn’t matter’ but alas in the grand old world of Self Storage, the opposite is certainly the case. Size is paramount and as far as we are concerned and it’s our job to help you find the perfect amount of storage space/storage unit size possible for your needs at the best possible price.   In case we weren’t clear to begin with, at Fort Knox Self storage it’s all about size, and making sure you are able to squeeze the most out of every possible square foot of storage space. We know that size and space = money (it’s the basis for what our business is built on after all) and the best possible outcome for us is to get you the most efficient and economical amount of storage space for your precious personal items.... Read More

So, what can’t I store in storage?

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We often get people asking questions about what they can and what they can’t store in their self storage unit. Most of the time things are pretty self-explanatory or common sense, but other times, things are a bit less straightforward or may not come as a natural response. We have a page on our site dedicated to ‘What Not To Store’ on our Fort Knox Self Storage main website. But just in case you ended up at out blog first instead of our website, here is a bit of a rundown of bad stuff for storage. The first is obviously any goods that are considered ‘Dangerous’. This is mainly items that are considered dangerous in a general sense. Check with our on site ‘Storage Experts’ if you have any doubts, but as a rule you cannot store flammable, hazardous, combustible, or any... Read More

Maximising Your Storage Space

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This week’s blog is about keeping your house in order, so to speak, and making the most of your self storage space. As with many things in life, organisation and general maintenance are the keys to getting the best out of most situations and the same can be said for self-storage. If you are efficient in your packing and check in regularly to your unit to do regular assessments and clean outs, then you will find that you will (my sales manager will kill me for saying this) find that you can probably downsize you storage unit, and stop paying for wasted space.   Speaking from experience, I inherited the caretaking of my parents self storage space. (Who were for better or worse of the just ‘ just throw it in there’ philosophy.) After some time and effort to... Read More