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As a proud partner and supporter of Melbourne City Mission and the Sleep at the G event since 2013 our team continue to challenge themselves every year to help raise awareness for youth homelessness. While youth homelessness is a serious and frightening reality within our society, it can be a difficult topic to discuss as it can be a confronting issue for those who are less aware. What the Melbourne City Mission successfully executes is adding an element of fun and creativity to create a more accessible and open conversation about youth homelessness to encourage help and gain a wider awareness. To achieve this, they have created the annual Sleep at the G event which brings together homeless youth and the support of the community to help put homelessness to bed. In Victoria alone, more... Read More


'Wonder Women'

Here at Fort Knox Self Storage, we have a solid commitment to ensuring our team enjoy a work-life balance while promoting a healthy lifestyle. As a family owned company, we love investing in group workplace activities to grow and build on strong relationships both inside and outside of work, which is why we absolutely love it when our employees work together outside of work hours to continue to support our initiatives and community. On Sunday 9th of April 2017, together with more than 26,000 other runners and walkers our “Wonder Women” participated in the Run for Kids charity run to raise money for The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Despite the wet and cold conditions, it was heart-warming to see so many families and friends get together to participate in the 12th... Read More

Eltham Rural Group

Paddy's Market

The Eltham Rural Group is an organisation established by a lively group of women nearly sixty year’s ago. The group raises funds for local organisations and community services such as Riding for the Disabled, Special Schools, Senior Citizens and the local fire brigades. All work completed is on a volunteer basis and therefore all money raised is donated. 2016 was an incredible year for the Eltham Rural Group, who donated a record $27,360 to local charities and services and have $7,640 in reserve to cover any emergency that may arise. This is an incredible fete and some of the recipients included Banksia Palliative Care, Panton Hill Fire Brigade, Nillumbik Living and Learning, 1st Eltham Scout Group, and for the first time in 2016 they also donated to the Rotary Club of... Read More


Green Transfer Project - 490 Spencer St, West Melbourne

Today we were fortunate enough to attend the Green Transfer Art Launch event held by the City of Melbourne. A little while back we posted some images on our Facebook page about the exciting changes happening to the building next door to our West Melbourne site. The exciting changes were the beginnig of the Green Transfer Project: 1200 Building Public Art Commission. About 540 commercial office buildings in Melbourne have been retrofitted to improve energy and water efficiency since 2010, by a group of savvy owners. They have been tuning and retrofitting commercial buildings to improve operational efficiency. Retrofitting a building promotes environmentally friendly spaces which inflict minimal harm on our eco systems and it benefits society by lessening the sectors contribution to... Read More


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In October of 2015, reported that an estimated 30,000 Australians would die of cardiac arrest within the year, largely due to the lack of knowledge on how to perform CPR whilst waiting for the ambulance. This was an alarming claim for the team at Fort Knox. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a safe workplace for all our team and visitors alike. Fort Knox embraces a culture that facilitates a healthy lifestyle by actively supporting our team to participate in a range of initiatives to promote individual health and wellbeing. Fast and effective first aid could be the difference between life and death in an unexpected and serious situation. It can also help minimise further pain, injury or sudden illness. With such startling facts about the importance of... Read More


Australian Open 2017 Image Courtesy of Pieces of Victoria

As a Melbourne family owned company, Fort Knox is proud to have the Australian Open (AO) the grand slam of Asia/Pacific in our home city since 1972, and there is nothing we look forward to more in January then walking around Rod Laver Arena and getting in the midst of it all, by surrounding ourselves with the current tennis greats. Founded in 1905, the Australian Open is chronologically the first of the four major tennis tournaments of the year, following afterwards the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. It is a real honor to have the Australian Open recognised as one of the four major tournaments. The Australian Open is currently in its 112th year, with the Rod Laver Arena being the main venue to the AO since 1988. Being a major tournament recognised worldwide with a seeding... Read More

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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Wishing all our supporters, customers, friends and family a safe and happy new year in 2017! Fort Knox prides itself on the work we do within the community and are very thankful for all the support we have received over the last year in 2016. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get through the year at Fort Knox! Read More

Eltham Rotary Show 2016

Eltham Men's Shed Eltham Rotary Club

Every year Fort Knox loves to support the community in various ways and we love to be involved with the local events such as the Eltham Rotary Show. Moving onto its 16th year in partnership with the Shire of Nillumbik and the Eltham Chamber of Commerce and Industry this year’s festival was a major success and continues to get stronger year to year. The Eltham Rotary Club volunteer members have worked to bring a lively and vibrant festival that showcases all the best things about living, working, shopping and playing in the Eltham district. The show brings the community together and strengthens and promotes the positive aspects of life in Nillumbik. Also involved in the rotary show is the Eltham Men’s Shed. The Eltham Men’s Shed came to fruition in July 2014 with it’s first AGM... Read More

Judy Thompson Hugs Society.

Fort Knox Donated Boxes

The Judy Thompson Hugs Society was created in memory of Judy Thompson who passed away in 2008. Judy and her husband Richard were very involved in the local community, with Judy having an open heart and large passion for supporting members of the community and families who were facing hard times. Judy was involved with the local primary school for over 20 years both in a volunteer capacity and professional employment capacity. She had a passion for helping others and came in contact with many families in need. Judy was known for her big hugs, which became the natural inspiration to title the Judy Thompson Hugs Society. With her love for helping others, she began, with her husband Richard, to make Christmas hampers and donating them to families in unfortunate and tough situations. Fort... Read More


Bushfire via

We all know that summer in Australia can see some glorious blue skies, warm weather and sunny days. However, the downside is what comes with it, bushfire season. Protect yourself this year and follow Fort Knox’s guide to safe keeping during bushfire season. Step One: Have a Plan. To make your house and yourself safe during bushfire season have a plan. Write a list of the steps you will take if an emergency situation happens. Create a box of fire safety items that are easily accessible that the whole family knows about. Such as a fire extinguisher, safety blankets, torches etc. There are tools to make sure you are always up to date with. Step Two: Protect Your Valuables. Fort Knox Self Storage has dedicated storage for those in need during the fire season. Storing your valuable items... Read More