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Convenient, secure, and flexible on-site storage.

Unlimited flexibility

Life is good when you can just step outside your door to access your storage unit. With our storage delivery service, you have all the power. You decide when to have the container delivered and you decide when to have it taken away. What’s more, our lifter can move it into any location that you want. Above all, there’s no fixed term contract, so you can take your sweet time packing and unpacking. Use it for as long as you need and only pay for the time that you do.

Better than other mobile container storage units, ours is made from steel, and built to stand up to Melbourne’s weather extremes. You have have two awesome sizes to choose from, medium (3.6m x 2.2m x 2.2m) and large (4.8m x 2.2m x 2.2m). Additionally, inside you have a tie down system to hold your stuff in place when the box is on the go. Finally, the Fort Knox Mobile Box doors have a unique locking mechanism that make it extra secure and weather tight.

Why store at yours?

  • Store while renovating

    Renovating is messy. Store your furniture and valuables away from the dust and much while you renovate but keep them accessible if you need them.
  • Move house

    A better, less stressful, way to move. Cheaper than hiring a moving truck by the hour. Take your time to pack and load up. Unload when you feel like it.
  • Business storage

    Keep seasonal or excess stock in a weather proof container on site. A cheap and easy way to expand your warehouse capacity during busy seasons.
  • Building site security

    Building site storage done. Store valuable tools and building materials securely on site. No more lost money and time replacing stolen tools and fittings.

How it works?

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    Step 1: Call us

    Phone us on 1300 645 845 and we then discuss your situation and determine the right mobile box for your needs
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    Step 2: Mobile Delivery

    We deliver the storage box to your Melbourne Metro location when you need it
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    Keep or move

    Keep it at your place or move it to another location

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