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More packing tips

More Packing Tips
  • Packing the truck
    Looking to access any of your goods while in storage? What about that ladder or leaf blower? If so make sure that you pack these items into the truck first so that is will be packed into the unit last (near the door for easy access).

  • Planning ahead
    Plan your self storage space carefully. Place protection on concrete floors for mattresses, soft furnishings and books, use all space available – especially height, and place frequently accessed goods near the door!

  • Build a foundation
    Store large or heavy items towards the rear of the unit so that use can use the as a base to stack upon then pack towards the front and top of the unit with lighter more fragile items.

  • Building the walls
    Try to store longer items (such as mattresses, beds and tabletops) along the walls – this provides these items protection and generally allows for more items to be packed into the unit.

  • What if I need it?
    Remember to store important documents (passports, bills, invoices and guarantees) into one box, clearly marked and place it near the door for easy access.

  • The softer things
    Where possible, store couches (with the exception of sofa beds) on their ends to maximise space – but remember to cover soft furnishings like couches and mattresses with our purpose-designed plastic covers. Need supplies? Check out our specials here.

  • Mirror, mirror…
    Wrap mirrors and fragile pictures with bubble wrap or use special mirror boxes – and never store these items flat! Always place mirrors in an upright position and protect them by securing them between softer items such as mattresses or bed-bases for extra protection. Need protection? Check out our specials here.

  • Mark it clearly!
    When packing for storage, label all boxes on all sides for easy visibility when you come to access your goods in storage.

  • What’s that smell?
    Keep refrigerators clean and ensure that the doors are slightly open when storing otherwise mould will build up and cause odour!

  • Prevent water damange!
    Make sure that all water is drained from washing machine hoses and ensure that freezers and fridges have been completely defrosted. This will stop your goods becoming water damaged!

  • Safety first
    When packing your storage unit, make that everything is stacked safely and securely – and not too high. Falling items break – and more importantly can injure you or others!

  • Think inside the box
    The space inside wardrobes, cupboards, desks, fridges and other items can be used to store items, adding valuable extra space inside your storage unit.