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This week’s blog is by our sister company gobox Mobile Storage – discussing the unfamiliar concept of mobile storage and some of it’s great features and benefits!

Ever thought about having your self storage delivered straight to your home? What may seem like a strange idea, is in actual fact a burgeoning business, and a very handy one at that.

Based on an idea which resulted from a business trip to the United States, the concept of ‘self storage that comes to you’ and the great benefits associated with such a service, was realised here in Australia and gobox Mobile Storage, the company, was born.

Store your goods at your place or alternatively leave with us at our gobox warehouse.

A departure from your usual self storage model, Mobile storage completely removes the need to transport your items from your home and into an offsite storage centre. This generally requires the organisation of an additional rental van or a trailer. Gobox Mobile storage also alleviates the need to pack all the goods you wish to move into the trailer or van, then drive them into storage where you have to unpack and repack your goods again into your storage space.

gobox simplifies things by bringing the storage space to you. No more packing, moving, unloading, and then packing again. Essentially you only need move your items from your home to the gobox and that is it!

Similar to the size of a shipping container, gobox has the storage capacity far greater than most of our competitors.

Perfectly tailored for those moving house (our curb to curb service means you pack everything into your gobox and we take it from your old home to your new home or those looking to renovate and need the extra storage space to clear out items from the areas getting the renovation treatment. These are just a couple of areas where gobox Mobile Storage really shines.

Able to maneuver into difficult spaces, gobox Mobile Storage is placed into position via a unique delivery system that was developed over a lengthy period of research and development by gobox and is exclusive to the company. Requiring a minimum of 2.6 metres for height and 2.4m for width, goboxes can fit pretty much anywhere and are a great fit under most regulation carports or garages.

Easily manoeuvred into pretty much any position, gob's unique delivery system is second to none.

If mobile storage sounds like an idea that might be a solution to your storage dilemma, give bus a call on 1300 668 688 and discuss your mobile storage options with one of our experienced sales team.

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