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More packing tips

More Packing Tips

More simple packing tips to save you time and help protect your valuables when packing your storage unit.

  • Less is not more!
    Do not underestimate the number of packing boxes you will need for self storage! Start packing early so that if you run out of packing boxes or tape you can easily buy more with plenty of time to spare. Need boxes? Check out our specials here.

  • Fill 'er up!
    When packing your boxes for self storage, ensure that you carefully use all the space inside the box. Boxes with spare space or boxes with too much packed inside burst or collapse. Pack empty space with butcher's paper or spare linen to prevent boxes collapsing!

  • Boxes ain't boxes
    Use the same sized boxes for easy stacking, and make sure that you use packaging boxes designed for packing and storage as they will be strong enough for packing and stacking in your storage unit. Need boxes? Check out our specials here.

  • Sealed is safe
    Seal boxes completely with box packing tape to keep out dust and to strengthen when stacking for storage.

  • Small is strong
    Pack books and other heavy objects into smaller boxes for easy lifting. Specifically designed book and wine cartons are perfect. Keep under 16kg and stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom.

  • Hang your clothing!
    If you need to store clothes, Port-a-Robes (temporary closets) are perfect to take your clothes on hangers from wardrobe to box with your precious clothing stored on hangers. And the unused space at the bottom being very useful for storing shoes!